Introducing our upcoming Brighton Fringe theatre show How to Make a Wish Come True

Maybe everything in your life is fabulous. You're living in your wish and days are filled with fun, love, abundance and you're full of energy! Or ... maybe not? Good news! There's a science to making a wish and this highly innovative performance will show you how. You bring your mind and body. We'll bring the comedy, stand-up science and inspiration giving you the tools to plant your wish in the multiverse, where sometimes dreams and wishes come true (essential information for anyone living in or near a human!).

For information and videos about physical energy, emotional energy, mind energy
and the human spirit please visit our resources page.



Workshops about The Anatomy of Energy. Our workshop covers physical energy, emotional energy, mind energy and the human spirit. By becoming informed energy managers you are given the science and tools to make positive changes in all areas of life.

Our energy workshops are designed to help you manage your personal energy to help you fulfil your full potential.

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We offer many workshops to businesses with the main aim to boost employees’ creativity, innovation and productivity.

Motivational speaking - a talk about the anatomy of energy to give your staff insight into how personal energy can boost physical, emotional & mind energy levels.
Mind management - To understand how winning mindsets are developed in sport, and how these lessons can be applied to business.
Public speaking - we will train your staff in; preparation, body language, vocal tone and projection. how to engage and tell a story with passion!
Team building - workshops design to boost morale and energise a team.

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The idea of donating to charity is not new. However, employing Multiversal Events to production manage the 'immediate needs of a charity' and film the result of a donation in a documentary... is very new!

Multiversal Events would production manage and film every stage of your charitable event.

How it works
- You select a charity.
- Make a donation - funds, equipment, staff...
- We discover the needs of the charity.
- Together we fulfil the requirements of the charity.
- We produce an entertaining and dynamic film, documenting the event.

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