Learn about The Anatomy of your Energy to enable you to make positive changes in all aspects of your life.

Your free session will recharge 'your life battery' by learning about the science that gives us greater levels of vitality and energy. Pick up some free tips and tools to make positive changes in every aspects of your life in 2019

Energy workshops

Dates: TBC
Venue: To be decided depending on numbers
(somewhere in Brighton or Hove).

Duration: Approximately 3 hours

Clothing: Comfortable for gentle physical and vocal exercises.

This workshop covers

- Introduction. - Energy Awareness.
- Chi-Gung.
- Breathing.
- Stop.
- The Quantum Field.
- Meditation.
- Song.
- Dance/stretch.
- Science the language of the mystics.
- The Placebo.
- Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit.
- Chakras/energy managers.
- Past, present and future.
- Carrying around thoughts.
- Plugging in thoughts.
- 12 foods not to eat.
- 12 Foods to eat.
- Yes, and... Wheehaay.
- Money.
- Ph Diagnostic.
- Stress.
- Rehearse the future.
- Make a wish.


Please enter your information in the form below we will then contact you to discuss how your session will be conducted and when and where you would like us to run the session.

Please select a type of session you would like to attend:

One 2 One session

The Anatomy of Energy is a workshop/talk all about yourself and how you can transform into your very own personal energy manager by becoming 'energy educated and aware'. This workshop isn’t about saving on your gas bill - it's about giving you the scientific tips and tools to fully charge your spiritual battery to make positive changes.

A small amount of time and energy invested in yourself today will save a life of wasted time and energy tomorrow.

Interest group session

We offer this initially free fun and informative workshop to any group of any size. What ever matter your group is involved with there will be an energy animating the event. We will design the workshop/lecture/coaching session around the demographic of your group and what will be most effective for them.

Business group session

Most companies use a classical system to drive and animate their business. However if you wish to change your business and become successful - change the energy! Thinking and creating a business map in terms of energy more than the matter will start to change your business from 'what it is now' - 'to what you want it to become'! It's as simple as that. To transform energy harmoniously the split is 80% through the mind of management and only 20% through the body of your company! So, even if you have the fittest company ever - if your managements thoughts and directions are based in the past, you'll massively reduce the chance of; success, health, wealth and happiness by up to 80%. So, it might be worth getting the body of your company to follow an energy map to its future.


This is a free group workshop held in the Brighton and Hove area. We book a venue suitable for the amount of people who have registered. This workshop is a benefit for; individual people of any status, families, business and corporations . Discover the energy behind the blocks in every area of your physical, mental and emotional life... all of it! Then pick up some facts, techniques, tips and tools to help you plug in and hit the switch to improve your energy. This workshop will help you become aware of the energy relationships between; your mind and body and how we plug in to past, present and future events. This is vitally important for anyone living in or near a human. Or group of humans!

Here's how the free introductory offer works.

1. Enter your information in the form above

2. We then contact you and discuss the details; Individual or group?

3. Do you want a lecture or workshop? We find out where you are and where you want to go. Are you an individual, social group, company or corporation? Would you like a general overview of human energy or scientific and entertaining details about a specific area of life, for example:

  • How to understand and power up your own energy, vitality and health.
  • How to grow your business and become aware of it's energies.
  • How to have fun, inspire and help others.
  • How to manage the energy of your mind, body and soul.
  • How to create love and abundance.

4. We then design and deliver a totally free session for you.

Why do we offer free introductory sessions?

As mankind evolves we discover how the world and universe works and this helps us succeed as individuals and a global species. In the last few years science have made some amazing discoveries about how we as individuals transform energy. Theses discoveries are so amazing and in the true sense of the word 'awe-inspiring' because they confirm thousands of years of the teaching by mystics. And, if you become aware of the amount and quality of energy you can transform you to will become unlimited.

When you understand the energy or lack of it in your life and start to use the tools you change it from 'what it is' to 'what you want it to become'. It is as simple as that! Multiversal Events has been set up to assist people in becoming energy aware so they can make their world a better place. So why are primarily giving away free sessions?

  • Many people and corporations are unaware or have a limited awareness of the importance of their energy. So why pay someone to come and talk about something your unaware of?
  • The understanding and implications of energy awareness is only just being explained by discoveries in emerging science. So unless you study energy awareness how will you know what happening in the front line of science. Today it's not mainstream, but tomorrow every person and company on planet earth will know!
  • Our free workshops, sessions and lectures are so inspirational that you will want us to come back and help in a certain area of your life or business.

So, we give it away for free because we truly believe that for some; once they become energy aware they will want us to engage fully in their projects as Energy Consultants. This is an emerging science few have heard of or understand, that is until they have the first session!

5. All we ask is from the free sessions is you give us some feedback.

About Pete Donno

I have trained public speakers giving them the confidence to deliver at key events. I have worked in theatre and film as a writer, actor and director. I have contributed to national mentoring programs changing peoples physical and mental states. I have produced life changing events all over the world. As a company we donate time and energy to social causes and charities.

The Anatomy of Energy, took a lifetime of confusion, a continuous spark of inspiration and 9 years of research into finding the most efficient tools that make positive changes to our minds and bodies at work, rest and play. Energy awareness is the greatest contribution we make to our personal well being and to those around us. The Anatomy of Energy is a model to help us understand how the human energy system works through our mind, body and emotions. It's informative and a lot of fun!