Meditation Music


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Run time 54 minutes 38 seconds

Music to make you feel good, boost your well being and relax.

Music composed M Rowles
I am firstly trained in music and audio production (with a first clas s degree) and have experience of record production and live sound work. After working as a sound technician for a number of years, I realised my passion lies in the Psychology of Music. After pursuing a MSc. programme at Goldsmiths College, I am looking to pursue a PhD in music rehabilitation.

Science behind the music:
It is believed among researchers that music containing binaural beats therapy can influence cognitive state. Binaural beats therapy is an emerging form of sound wave therapy, whereby the left and right ear are stimulated by two tones at slightly different frequencies. This slight discrepancy between tones creates a pulsating sensation that entrains the listener’s brainwaves and in turn influences their cognitive state. The following meditation is focused on Thera wave entrainment (4Hz-8Hz), which is reported to be correlated with a deepened sense of relaxation and mindfulness.