You're invited to a free workshop/stage show about human vitality & energy, the anatomy of the spirit!

We use science, comedy, animation, stage props and projections to help you change using your energy. Essential information for anyone living in or near a human!

We will give you the education and practical tools to change your life; from what it is now - to what you want it to be!

Venue: The Main Hall. Brighton Girls School GDST - Radinden Site. Radinden Manor Road. Hove, BN3 6NH

Date & Time: 30 November 2019 - 10.00 am to 4.00 pm

Maybe everything in your life is fabulous, you're living the dream and days are filled with fun, love and abundance and you're full of energy!

Maybe your dream has become a nightmare! Has stress replaced the fun? Is debt a major concern? Has your ease become dis-ease? Are you lacking love? Can you not find your Energy?

Either way, this workshop is for you!

I have edited a lifetime of research and put as much as I can into a six hour theatre show/workshop about how we can use the power of the human energy system. I guarantee you will laugh and discover facts about yourself that will stop you wasting time and energy. You don't need to be brave, you just need the intent to change.

Our intent is to give people the energy tools, so they can start to change their life, in one day! The workshop is to be sold next year to a paying audiences. However, during it's development stage I need people who are prepared to experience the full show and give feed back. Anyone over the age of twelve years old can attend. After the workshop there will be a Q&A.


Entertainment includes: Comedy, Science, Animation, Stage Props, Projections, Singing and Dancing!
- Introduction.
- How Your 3 Brains Works.
- How The Universe Creates Energy.
- How To Use Multiversal Energy To Create A New Life.
- How We Transform Energy.
- The Difference Between Old Classical And New Quantum Science.
- Super-Nature, Weirdness That Classical Science Does Not And Can Not Explain.
- Para-Normal, Quantum Events That Factually Explain Our Connectedness To Everything.
- All Your Ancestors.
- How Your Programmed Not To Think For Yourself.
- How Your Subconscious Program Runs 95% Of Your Life.
- How To Change Your Program.
- The Physical And Mental Power Of Breath.
- Why It Is So Important To Just - Stop!
- Sound And The Latest Scientific Discoveries.
- Why Every Tribe, Culture And Race Likes To 'Sings And Dance'.
- Physical And Mental Maintenance, From An Energy Perspective.
- The Relationship Between The Mind, Body, Soul And Spirit.
- How Empowering Our Energy Centres/Chakras Creates: Clean, vital, healthy Energy.
- The magnetic power of Emotions, The Language Of The Body.
- The Electrical Power Of Thoughts The Language Of The Mind.
- The Importance Of Meditation.
- How Plugging Our Thoughts Into Our Past, Present And Future Seriously Effects Our Energy.
- 80% Mental And 20% Physical Is A Key To Happiness.
- 7 Immutable Energy Laws To Life.
- How Thinking about our Past Stops Us From Reaching Our Future.


- How Your Present Program Animates Your Life And Maybe stopping change.
- 6 Stages Of Growth.
- Placebo V Nocebo And Their Effects On Our Mental And Physical Well being.
- The unbelievable weirdness of Water...
- Good Food To Eat That Creates Health And Energy
- Bad Food That Doesn't...
- Multivitamins And Multiminerals Create Happy Cells.
- Ph Self Diagnostic.
- Acid Food V Alkaline Foods.
- The Unbelievable Benefits Of Fasting.
- Everything You Need To Know About Stress.
- The Difference Between Instinct And Intuition.
- How To Develop Your Intuition.
- How To Change Your Old Program To A New One.
- How To Generate And Improve Your Energy.
- How Mediation Will Changes Your Life.
- Body Talk A Simple Technique To Clear Your Mind And Heal.
- How Walking Barefoot On The Planet Called Grounding Changes Your Energy State .
- A Scientific Animation Of The Anatomy Of The Human Plasma Biofield.
- How To Make A Wish In Your New Program And With Intention Create A New Life.

Theses are the guidelines and running order of the show, however they may change.


We have limited space so if you wish to change your life and attend this event, please sign up today. The workshop/show will take place 30 November 2019 in The Main Hall. Brighton Girls School, Radinden Manor Road. Hove, BN3 6NH between: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm.
Free parking on site.
Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided.
There will be 2 x 20 minute breaks and 1hr for lunch (shops nearby).


Please enter your information in the form below we will then contact you to discuss how your session will be conducted and when and where you would like us to run the session.

Please select a type of session you would like to attend:

One 2 One session

The Anatomy of Energy is a workshop/talk all about yourself and how you can transform into your very own personal energy manager by becoming 'energy educated and aware'. This workshop isn’t about saving on your gas bill - it's about giving you the scientific tips and tools to fully charge your spiritual battery to make positive changes.

A small amount of time and energy invested in yourself today will save a life of wasted time and energy tomorrow.

Interest group session

We offer this initially free fun and informative workshop to any group of any size. What ever matter your group is involved with there will be an energy animating the event. We will design the workshop/lecture/coaching session around the demographic of your group and what will be most effective for them.

Business group session

Most companies use a classical system to drive and animate their business. However if you wish to change your business and become successful - change the energy! Thinking and creating a business map in terms of energy more than the matter will start to change your business from 'what it is now' - 'to what you want it to become'! It's as simple as that. To transform energy harmoniously the split is 80% through the mind of management and only 20% through the body of your company! So, even if you have the fittest company ever - if your managements thoughts and directions are based in the past, you'll massively reduce the chance of; success, health, wealth and happiness by up to 80%. So, it might be worth getting the body of your company to follow an energy map to its future.