The idea of donating to charity is not new. However, employing Multiversal Energy to production manage the 'immediate needs of a charity' and film the result of a donation in a documentary... is very new! It's a new world! In the past, when we made a charitable donation, we gave the money over and that was that! We had no idea how that money was spent! It may have been for; digging wells, administration, life saving operations or buying donkeys! We had no idea, until now...

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This is how a Multiversal event works

  1. You select a charity.
  2. Make a donation - funds, equipment, staff...
  3. We discover the needs of the charity - now!
  4. Together we fulfill the requirements of the charity.
  5. We produce an entertaining and dynamic film, documenting the event.

Multiversal Energy would production manage and film every stage of your charitable event, including;

  • The Meeting with the benefactor to discuss the donation and charity.
  • A documentary of the benefactor's company/individual.
  • The consultation with charities to discover their immediate needs.
  • A documentary on the charities work.
  • The meeting with all parties to create a game plan.
  • A running total of the budget.
  • Achieving the game plan.
  • The immediate social and personal benefits of the donation.
  • Distribution of the film through every available media.
  • Smile - we just made the world a better place.

Our primary goals are:

  • To be totally transparent in financial accounting and maximise your donations by taking direct action in whatever course assists the charity immediately.
  • Film the nominated charity, the human benefit and event history of your charitable donation.
  • To publicise the event through every available form of media, to be used for publicity by all parties (optional).
  • To make our world a better place.

When charitable donations are made through Multiversal Energy, we'll use our vast library of experience in media and international production event management, to establish how best it could serve the charity at that point in time - now, today!

If you would like to know more or set up a meeting with Pete please call 07880 704378 - today, come on lets go!!

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