The idea of donating to charity is not new. However, seeing the benefit of your donation in a film documentary... is very new.

As far as we are aware no events company has ever done anything like this before... it's a new world!

We offer your donation to the charity of your choosing. We then find out how your donation could best serve them at that point in time, using our highly experienced production hit squad.

Maybe the charity requires the digging of wells in Africa, teddy bears or a theatre production somewhere on planet earth! The point is, we film a documentary about the whole process. In doing so, we publicise the charities work, your companies generosity and how we just made the world a better place.

These events triple in fun when we use your personnel to do the work. The rewards to your staff are immeasurable! The social, moral, employee and personal benefits are quite simply far too many to list. The memory of these events lasts a life time!

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