Our inspirational workshops are designed to assist you in becoming aware of and harness the combined energy of your Mind (mental), Body (physical) and Soul (emotional). Giving you the power to create change and manifest; health, wealth, fun, love and abundance.

When you leave our workshops or retreats you will have life long practical tools and know how to access and transform your energy and change any aspect of your life.

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We work with organizations and businesses to help them increase staff productivity, engagement and creativity. Through our unique program developed around cutting-edge neuroscience & the anatomy of energy.

We provide people with the tools to make positive changes. Our program will provide lasting change to ensure your staff are productive, engaged within their teams and feel empowered to generate improved business results.

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Information about; physical, emotional, mind energy and the human spirit. This subject is vast. However, in an attempt to give you a place to start understanding how your mind, body and soul work as a team transforming the energy of your spirit!

I have gathered some videos of the worlds greatest intellects, spiritualist and intuitives in our resource center where they talk about; transforming energy, evolving, changing and achieving love and abundance.

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Introducing the new book By Peter Donno: A Manual For The Human Spirit

This book is an update for explorers of science and spirituality.

Read this book.
Get inspired.
Realise how powerful you are.
Change your energy – change your world.