Workshop in all aspects of public speaking

Public speaking Is easy! For some, yes it is, but quite challenging for others. So what is the skill base requirements to be a fabulous confident public speaker? What state of mind does the speaker have to be in? What is the fear? How do we get the results we want?

We are an event company that train other companies in public speaking! Give us your speakers and we will train them in; preparation, body language, vocal tone and projection. how to engage and tell a story with passion!

With a minimum of 16 delegates it allows us the opportunity to build confidence and develop each speaker on a one to one basis as well as playing with group interaction.

We work one to one with every delegate, giving very specific feedback to each person. This builds confidence and courage, allowing the delegates to try out new ideas in a safe environment, helping to increase their impact at consequent presentations they carry out for your organisation.

Workshop length: 4hr, 1 day
Participants: 1 - 16

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