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Workshops about human vitality & energy

Duration: Variable from 1hr to 5days.

The workshops are based around the information in the book; A Manual For The Human Spirit. Which is used as a reference and educational tool to support the information in the workshop. This allows the attendee to go home with a fabulous life long reminder as a reference book with all the supporting energy information needed to create change.

All our workshops are designed to inspire attendees in becoming aware of their energy. And how they can use that energy to create the power and change any area of their life! Including; health, wealth, fun, love and abundance.

Our workshops will give you the information and practical tools to change your life; from what it is now - to what you want it to be!

Maybe everything in your life is fabulous, you're living the dream and days are filled with fun, love and abundance and you're full of energy! Maybe your dream has become a nightmare! Has stress replaced the fun? Is debt a major concern? Has your ease become dis-ease? Are you lacking love or energy? Is your latest challenge just too much? Have you got too much energy?

I guarantee you will discover facts about yourself and the world around you, that will stop you wasting time and energy. We cover all the main energy areas to support and help you realise there are three very important aspects to powering up your life and having the energy to change. First, having the intent to change, then reprogramming your self esteem and lastly transforming more energy.

Our intent is to give people the energy tools, so they can start to change their life, in one workshop!

Snippet from our last show

Reviews from our previous show

I felt the presentation was, overall informative and entertaining and as a speaker Pete was confident and engaging.
Teresa, Brighton

A positive demonstration of how we can recreate our reality by unlocking our potential.
Nic, Preston Park

Really enjoyable, a must see stage show.
Gary, Lewes

Educational, motivating, entertaining and left me with a sense of achievement.
Paul, Basingstoke

Below are just some of the areas we can talk about in our workshops (all supported by; A Manual For The Human Spirit).

Depending on the time available and attendee demographic for the workshop - will determine which areas we cover.

All workshops are designed to educate and inspire attendees to maximise; the effectiveness of their personal energy awareness and use practical tools to create the power to change any aspect of their life.

To cover all the areas below would take 5 days.

- Introduction.
- How Your 3 Brains Works.
- How The Universe Creates Energy.
- How To Use Multiversal Energy To Create A New Life.
- How We Transform Energy.
- The Difference Between Old Classical And New Quantum Science.
- Super-Nature, Weirdness That Classical Science Does Not And Can Not Explain.
- Para-Normal, Quantum Events That Factually Explain Our Connectedness To Everything.
- All Your Ancestors.
- How Your Programmed Not To Think For Yourself.
- How Your Subconscious Program Runs 95% Of Your Life.
- How To Change Your Program.
- The Physical And Mental Power Of Breath.
- Why It Is So Important To Just - Stop!
- Sound And The Latest Scientific Discoveries.
- Why Every Tribe, Culture And Race Likes To 'Sings And Dance'.
- Physical And Mental Maintenance, From An Energy Perspective.
- The Relationship Between The Mind, Body, Soul And Spirit.
- How Empowering Our Energy Centres/Chakras Creates: Clean, vital, healthy Energy.
- The magnetic power of Emotions, The Language Of The Body.
- The Electrical Power Of Thoughts The Language Of The Mind.
- The Importance Of Meditation.
- How Plugging Our Thoughts Into Our Past, Present And Future Seriously Effects Our Energy.
- 80% Mental And 20% Physical Is A Key To Happiness.
- 7 Immutable Energy Laws To Life.
- How Thinking about our Past Stops Us From Reaching Our Future.

- How Your Present Program Animates Your Life And Maybe stopping change.
- 6 Stages Of Growth.
- Placebo V Nocebo And Their Effects On Our Mental And Physical Well being.
- The unbelievable weirdness of Water...
- Good Food To Eat That Creates Health And Energy
- Bad Food That Doesn't...
- Multivitamins And Multiminerals Create Happy Cells.
- Ph Self Diagnostic.
- Acid Food V Alkaline Foods.
- The Unbelievable Benefits Of Fasting.
- Everything You Need To Know About Stress.
- The Difference Between Instinct And Intuition.
- How To Develop Your Intuition.
- How To Change Your Old Program To A New One.
- How To Generate And Improve Your Energy.
- How Mediation Will Changes Your Life.
- Body Talk A Simple Technique To Clear Your Mind And Heal.
- How Walking Barefoot On The Planet Called Grounding Changes Your Energy State .
- A Scientific Animation Of The Anatomy Of The Human Plasma Biofield.
- How To Make A Wish In Your New Program And With Intention Create A New Life.