Pete Donno
motivational speaker & event organiser

I have trained public speakers giving them the confidence to deliver at key events. I have worked in theatre and film as a writer, actor and director. I have contributed to national mentoring programs changing peoples physical and mental states. I have produced life changing events all over the world. As a company we donate time and energy to social causes and charities.

The Anatomy of Energy, took a lifetime of confusion, a continuous spark of inspiration and 9 years of research into finding the most efficient tools that make positive changes to our minds and bodies at work, rest and play. Energy awareness is the greatest contribution we make to our personal well being and to those around us. The Anatomy of Energy is a model to help us understand how the human energy system works through our mind, body and emotions. It's informative and a lot of fun!

Since 1985, I have been involved with all conceivable types of creative events, big and small:

- Arts festivals
- Conferences
- The Olympics
- Music festivals
- Corporate events
- Community events
- Special Olympics
- Theatre touring and static
- Large scale extravaganzas
- Sporting and outdoor events
- Trade shows
- Product launches

Some of the companies I have worked with: