A motivational talk about The Anatomy of Energy.

By becoming informed energy managers, your staff are given the science and tools to make positive changes in all areas of life.

This motivational event can take place in-house or at another venue depending on several factors including; numbers, location, demograph and resources.

Designed to impart scientific facts and spiritual wisdom in a comedic style to inspire the audience to a motivated state.

We have a basic presentation that is edited and tailored depending on the demograph of the audience/delegates.

The 1hr lecture hits the audience straight between the eyes. It gives them basic insight into us humans and the tools our mind body and soul can use to simply get more energy and power.

The 4 hr session is designed to also give the audience the basic tools plus a few add-ons and how our; mind, body and soul can benefit from them. We show examples to confirm the education followed by a Q & A session.

The one day event is a full on scientific breakdown of; the miracle of life, what it is to be human, our part in the multiverse and what we can achieve. The tools to make positive changes are imparted and shown how they can be used. This is followed up by a Q & A session allowing each delegate the opportunity of filling in their gaps. This one day event is designed to positively change peoples lives.

A full reference paper is given to each delegate, covering the points made and a bibliography for further reading.

Very important point: We produce; events, lectures and enrichment programs of various time frames to impart common scientific knowledge and spiritual wisdom delivered in a humourus and comedic manner. The positive effect of these lectures will last a life time!

Event length: 1hr, 4hr, 1day
Audience/Delagates numbers: 1 - 3000

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