The purpose of the workshop

To understand how winning mindsets are developed in sport, and how these lessons can be applied to business.

This workshop will challenge our perceptions of ourselves and introduce us to the factors crucial for success in both the business and sport’s world.

Why is the British cycling team world leaders - the best of the best!? They benefit from the wisdom of Dr Steven Peters, who's central premise is 'the key to success in life, including business is in understanding our own (or an individuals) beliefs, drives and behaviour.

Dr. Peters central premise was that the key to success is in understanding our own brains. We need to realise that there is no truth, only opinion. Then we can start making real advances. All humans have several innate dynamic drives which tend to be different for men and women. Peters argued that one of the biggest challenges we face is the need to reconcile our personality in our various roles (e.g. parent, friend, boss, subordinate, spouse). Whilst we may purport to be a different person at work than at home this is not the case.

To illustrate the influence of the brain on our behaviour

  • A desire to learn
  • Collaborative behaviour
  • Working for others
  • Speech/an ability to communicate
  • A desire to teach

And most crucially….

  • Control of impulsive behaviours - if there is someone in your organisation who can’t do this, get rid of them!
  • Control of Emotions

In spite of the above characteristics our brains remain remarkably similar to those of our distant ancestors, and, Dr. Peters argued, we still have areas that, when activated, adversely affect our behaviour and chances of reaching peak performance. Therefore, the key to success in business, is to “control your inner chimp” as it has a personality that has nothing to do with you. Once you realise which beliefs/behaviour are driven by you and which by the chimp you can choose your emotions and establish greater control over your outcomes.

Workshop length; 1hr, 4hr, 1day.

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