We work with organisations and businesses to help them increase staff productivity, engagement and creativity. Through our unique program developed around cutting-edge neuroscience & the anatomy of energy. We provide people with the tools to make positive changes. Our program will provide lasting change to ensure your staff are productive, engaged within their teams and feel empowered to generate improved business results.


We understand that organisations have complex hierarchies and are constantly evolving, if not managed properly these changes effect staff causing low morale, stress, and reduced productivity.


In highly competitive businesses markets owners face challenges to drive their business forward whilst also keeping staff motivated, engaged and keep productivity high.


The health industry is coming under rapid change through an ageing population, health insurance policy changes and staff retention. Change is required to ensure high levels of staff morale and productivity.


The education sector is under massive stress from managing budgets and the recruitment of new staff. Adopting our program to improve staff morale, engagement and productivity helping schools & universities reduce these challenges.


Imagine the improved results of your organisation if your staff were less stressed, more engaged within their teams and productive.

With our unique program developed around cutting-edge neuroscience & the anatomy of energy change is possible.


Studies have shown the main reason for staff feeling disengaged within an organisation is a lack of understanding of the organisations vision, goals and a feeling of being undervalued.


Busy lifestyles and today's connected world have caused negative effects on mental & physical health making stresses at work even harder to deal with resulting in reduced performance & productivity levels.


Change within an organisation can often be difficult to implement due to resistance from some staff, this then leads to further reductions in productivity and staff morale.


Good leaders have the tools to successfully bring teams together to ensure organisation can adapt to change. Great leaders play critical roles in guiding organisation through change and ensuring improved results.

How our program works



Our unique process can bring real & lasting change. Using methods developed through neuroscience & the anatomy of energy, our program guides employees through a tailored process of discovery and change.



We use different frameworks within our training program to ensure staff understand how meaningful change can be achieved.



During our workshops staff will gain a good understanding of how our tools can make positive change. These tools can be used when required to ensure real lasting improvement in productivity, motivation and creativity.

About Pete Donno

I have trained public speakers giving them the confidence to deliver at key events. I have worked in theatre and film as a writer, actor and director. I have contributed to national mentoring programs changing peoples physical and mental states. I have produced life changing events all over the world. As a company we donate time and energy to social causes and charities.

The Anatomy of Energy, took a lifetime of confusion, a continuous spark of inspiration and 9 years of research into finding the most efficient tools that make positive changes to our minds and bodies at work, rest and play. Energy awareness is the greatest contribution we make to our personal well being and to those around us. The Anatomy of Energy is a model to help us understand how the human energy system works through our mind, body and emotions. It's informative and a lot of fun!

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