The Multiversal Solution

Our program is developed around cutting-edge neuroscience & the principles of the anatomy of energy, empowering staff to make real lasting change. Through a variety of workshops your staff will be given all the tools needed to make them feel less stressed, more engaged with their teams and free to be creative. This lasting change will boost productivity and create a healthy environment for your staff to flourish.


We start by helping you visualise the effect on your organisation if your staff were less stressed and more engaged.


We help identify habits that are holding your staff back from their optimum performance.


Using our program we will help your staff rewire their brains to create real lasting positive change.


Our workshops are designed to create close knit teams that are engaged to help each other and the organisation to meet its goals.



Poor engagement
Stress is a major factor in employees feeling disengaged resulting in poor morale and reduced productivity.

Change resistance
All organisations need to make changes from time to time. Its natural for humans to resist change, this fear of the unknown can cause reduced productivity.

Increased stress
Stress effects everyone, causes from stress come from many places including challenges at work, deadlines, relationships with colleagues and challenges at home. High levels of stress can reduce both mental and physical health leading to poor performance at work.

Leadership issues
Leading a team can be very challenging, bringing lots of opinions together during times of change can be very difficult.


Engaged employees
When employees feel empowered that they can contribute to the organisation overall goals they will naturally feel engaged and a renewed commitment. Our program helps employees identify their thought processes and how these can effect their behaviours in a positive way.

Welcome to change
Organisations are constantly evolving. How an employee handles this change makes all the difference to the ultimate goal. Our program gives employees the understanding of how our brains work and why change sometimes feels daunting when it doesn't have to be.

Mental wellbeing
A reduction in stress is a key part of creating a productive workforce, our workshops will provide the tools to reduce stress levels. This will increase staff morale, reduce sick levels and increase staff retention levels.

Strong leadership
Not everyone is naturally a great leader but the qualities required can be learnt. Our program will help your leaders become stronger and more effective, this change will bring about increased performance, engagement and morale from their teams.

The process


Book a consultation

The first step is to book a free consultation, one of our team will then discuss with you how we can help your organisation.



At the consultation we will discuss in depth the issues your organisation and employees are facing and what are the main goals you would like to achieve.


Workshop content

We will tailor our workshops and and highlight how our program can solve the issues and diffultises your organisation faces.



Our training program and workshops are customisable and can be undertaken in one day or over a series of days.

Book a free consultation to see how our program can help transform your orginisation.