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Multiversal Energy will show you how their power is vastly influenced by your energy awareness of each area and how they relate to each other.
We welcome any; individuals, business, educational or sporting team.

Welcome. Is there something in your life you want or need to change or achieve? Maybe, personal wealth or health, sporting success, relationship happiness, financial freedom, to discover your life mission, or the courage to change. So what is stopping you from changing?

An undisputable law of the universe is that; 'change' is constant and inevitable'. Change is the movement of energy, that you can either; use or push against. Seasons, tides, financial markets, health, relationships, you, and even the consciousness of humanity are changing - all the time! And, if you know their energy values you'll know when to prepare and when to ride the wave. When to contract and when to expand - when to create and when to release. If you want to change something about your life, here is one way of doing it so, the results last a lifetime!

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  • 2. You must have the intent to change from where you are now to where you want to be.
  • 3. I'll coach you to lifelong success using the ideas below...

For every human on planet Earth, we have a team that can assist us in the game of life. We all have a; Mind, a Body who are the players, and a Soul who 'should be' the manager. This team of three; represents, contributes and manages the entirety of your physical and energetic life. Each has a specific job and function designed to help you; play, survive, thrive, love, evolve, full fill your mission, learn and grow. The more you learn - the more you grow, the more you evolve, the easier life becomes - right? ...Well, not always!

Our evolution becomes challenging when we allow the negative and low-energy emotions of; failure, sadness, stress (excess), confusion, shame, guilt, lack and anger to program and manage your 'Mind or Body' and not your Soul. Your Mind and Body can make a habit and resist change by becoming the negative emotions like anger or fear! However, your Soul will see the event and emotions as transitory lessons and an opportunity to change.

You are your Soul and to be truly happy and successful, it will require managing an 80% team effort from your Mind and 20% from your Body. For your team to enjoy the game of life and give it the best chance of success to; win the league and the cup, you'll need; your Mind and Body not only communicating harmoniously with each other but also and very importantly with your Soul.

Successful humans know that. So, why do we fail and become miserable? One answer is: we interpret life through unknown ideas and beliefs programmed into our Mind and Body by systems that force us to sabotage the success of our very own Soul. We sabotage the Soul (the unseen you) because we don't know what it is and believe it's weak - when in fact it is the diametric and polar opposite! It is powerful beyond measure. You have a choice - let your Mind and Body use you, or - you use your Soul?

Science has recently discovered neural networks (brain tissue) not only in our heads but also in our hearts and guts. These three brains are supposed to work together to allow us to make informed and intelligent decisions. Your Soul must run the team because it is connected to the greatest energy source - Nature! And the latest scientific discoveries are telling us that nature is not only, this our 4D reality but also a 5D+ interdimensional quantum reality with multiversal dimensions. That you can use - today!

  • The Body has a 'gut brain' that manages; survival, food, sex and physical feelings it exists in a 3-dimensional (we inform it what time we are living; past present or future). 
  • The Mind is our 'head brain' it manages; logic, functions, knowledge and processes while it's creatively calculating all the time in a 4-dimensional reality. 
  • The Soul is our 'heart brain' it not only manages emotions (i.e. love, grief, anger, forgiveness) and time but also (when we allow it) balances all the matter and energy in our 5-dimensional (+) reality.

A good decision creates progress. Progress creates positivity and happiness. Happiness creates chemicals that want us to progress, more.

At Multiversal Energy we will show you how; the relationship between your Mind, Body and Soul - works! This will allow you to make informed decisions based on energy awareness. You'll also discover practical tools that will allow you to see and feel the effect that will have on physical matter including cell tissue. And when your team is as one and all vibrating on the same frequency, how you become more powerful than you can imagine. Manifestation becomes easier.

You are not your mind, your not your body (you may think you are, however), you are your Soul. You will discover what beliefs are stopping you from being yourself and how possibly your historical programming is blocking your energy and sabotaging your success. If you lack energy awareness it is almost certainly you who is getting in the way of you living the life of your dreams. The old you may be sabotaging your success through fear - fear of failure, fear of success, fear of change, fear of the unknown, fear of letting go of the old program.

You will discover what emotions including the possibility of fear are sabotaging your evolution and replace it with new, fresh, empowering beliefs including self-esteem, energy awareness and courage that will energise you towards achieving success and freedom. Love conquers all and it even transcends fear and anger.

When you become ' aware of your Multiversal Energy' adopting a strategy based on proven scientific techniques becomes easier and results become inevitable. Successful people have an organic game plan for success. They understand the rules of any game and then become the best player they can be - they never become the ball. Everyone on planet Earth will encounter challenges and there is a process where successful happy people become aware of the formula and techniques for conquering any challenge by; taking massive action to succeed.

Appreciation, gratitude, fulfillment, love and joy are elevated emotions we need as fuel to true happiness and success. The opposite of fear, shame, guilt, ignorance, lethargy, greed and anger is the fuel for ultimate failure. With Multiversal Coaching you'll give yourself the very best chance of getting from where you are now to where you want to be - without wasting time or energy. Don’t wait - start living extraordinary today!

Your dream life can only come about if you have the courage and intent to get involved and play the game and become your own hero! You will re-reprogram yourself to take massive action when life's challenges turn up because that's where you will learn how to win and evolve. If you don’t get off the bench and get stuck in, your dreams will almost certainly die in your mind and you will never get the results or life you’re looking for.

Every thing and every energy is around you in abundance you just need to know how to use it. So, if you want to stop making excuses and create a program that gives you, your very best chance of success; emotionally, spiritually, financially, mentally and physically.

If you're ready to stop wasting your time and energy, have the focus to change and want to discover new ways and strategies to reach your goals - in any aspect of your life then, I would be honoured to be your Multiversal Coach. Here's my challenge to you; Do you want to truly love and understand yourself more and have a serious intent to change any aspect of your life and be successful? If the answer is yes! Then take massive action and get involved in the game of life! And, don't wait or waste another day! Contact me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
P.S. Love conquers all.


Pete managed to shine the light on all the scribble in the darkness, on every call that I attended. What I thought was me whingeing at the beginning of the session when I expressed frustration and difficulty in my life, with Pete’s help turned out to be a thread back to a pivotal moment in my life.

He helped me unravel the meaning behind these situations, and with that came a release from that magic trick that I have subjected myself to. Once that trick had been shown to me, it never had the power to control me again.

The sessions were filled with great insights, easily understood explanations, and most of all humour. I can’t recommend Pete enough for anyone who wants clarity and understanding for where they are now. He will help them move forward in their lives unencumbered by the dark side of their past into a light filled new expression of themselves.

SH, Kent UK