How to manage your personal energy

The talk covers:

Physical energy.
We begin by focusing on the physical energy of the body and how to clear the system. Food, exercise, sleep, and rest all play their part in energy levels as do an ability to manage emotions and focus their attention.

Emotional energy.
Take more control of our emotions, and we can improve the quality of our energy, regardless of external stress. Energy awareness teaches us to think interiorly and how to become congruent with a very powerful tool, our emotions.

Mind energy.
We manage our emotions, time, and energy with our minds. We use simple tools to show how to focus on creating a future full of positive energy. We encourage open and honest communication between our emotional heart and calculating mind - this is a massive energy switch.

The Human Spirit.
Our global community of people tap into the inexhaustible human spirit everyday, (to greater or lesser degree). If we can connect to our spirit, our essence, our uniqueness, we are able to transform harmonious amounts of energy – the opposite of stress.

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A short resume: Pete Donno

I have trained public speakers giving them the confidence to deliver at key events. I have worked in theatre and film as a writer, actor and director. I have contributed to national mentoring programs changing peoples physical and mental states. I have produced life changing events all over the world. As a company we donate time and energy to social causes and charities.

The Anatomy of Energy, took a lifetime of confusion, a continuous spark of inspiration and 9 years of research into finding the most efficient tools that make positive changes to our minds and bodies at work, rest and play. Energy awareness is the greatest contribution we make to our personal well being and to those around us. The Anatomy of Energy is a model to help us understand how the human energy system works through our mind, body and emotions. It's informative and a lot of fun!