Introducing my new stage-show/workshop "Multiversal Energy"


The summer 2019 has been researching, collecting and writing my new stage-show/workshop "Multiversal Energy". I have worked in theatre and live entertainment for over twenty years and I haven't got a clue how to define what I am producing. Apart from making the show as much fun as possible, the one goal, the clear crystal of what it must achieve is that the audience leave energised and inspired with a full back up of how they will change their lives from 'where they are' to 'where they want to be' in the most energy effective and time efficient way. Basically route one enlightenment to your very own base camp at the mountain of health, wealth and happiness. A read-through in front of a live audience is planned for the beginning of November 2019. If your in Brighton and would like to be a member of the audience for free please submit your name and details here.