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This manual will help you understand, take control of and then change your energy! And that will change your life, including your health, your wealth, your ability to love and appreciate life! The quality of your energy is a result of your relationship with your Mind, Body, Soul and their relationship with the energy of your Spirit! So, it may be a good idea to find out how they can all work together as a very powerful team? Science proves ‘we live in a multidimensional sea of omnipresent energy that creates matter’. You are not separated from that energy, you are not separated from the universe or multiverse. You are using that energy right now to think and evolve...just like the universe! That same energy is in every atom in time and space (you are made of atoms). You are quite literally and scientifically created from the energy of star dust – it is in you and you are in it - not separate - at all! This conscious energy is not just in enlightened individuals who can ‘change their frequency to match their outcome’ - it's in everyone, including you. This is a vitally important point and one I hope this manual helps you to realise; just how powerful and awesome you truly are!

This book is an update for explorers of science and spirituality.

Read this book.
Get inspired.
Realise how powerful you are.
Change your energy – change your world.

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